OpenBubble is

A profoundly human and social movement

OpenBubble is a user-friendly service, facilitating connexion between users who are open to have a conversation at the same time, and improving mental and social health. In few steps your account is created and you can start a conversation in real life over a coffee, or online one to one.

Connect. Talk. Smile.

Looking for genuine conversations with human beings around you?


to start
the conversation


Have real life conversations to feel better !

Having face to face conversations even with strangers is beneficial for one’s overall mental and physical health. It boosts self-esteem, reduces stress, and leads to a happier life

97% of the encounters are noted as “very enjoyable”



The service is available at anytime, anywhere on any device… when I am available


Whether you connect online or live, It happens where you are, when and where you want.


Another person is available just a click away, next encounter is at my fingertips, just open the app.


Every user starts by agreeing to a code of ethics. They commit to act respectfully and kindly towards each other. Locations are verified as safe and easy to access.


The app doesn’t include advertising. Very few data are needed for it to run. We commit to never ever sell nor use them

The spirit of OpenBubble

We highlight respect

OpenBubble’s core values are generosity, care, simplicity, and respect aiming towards further inclusion, trust and empathy between people.

Everyone should feel free to be who they are without distinction of gender, religion, ethnicity, and social background.

Real human exchanges help to maintain mental and social well-being. Nowadays, digital tools have somewhat broken social ties, leading to isolation.

OpenBubble’s mission is to bridge the links that have gradually been broken

The more kindness we give,
the more it grows

Amma – Indian Spiritual Leader

What they say about

Extra-ordinary conversations

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