The smile of a stranger can brighten a moment or even a day!

Georges de La Ville-Baugé, CEO / Founder

Face to face interactions make you feel better

We allow strangers to become friends for a coffee or a lifetime. Connected randomly, without any algorithm, we enable two people to meet without preconception or the usual bias which have grown significantly in the way we meet in recent years. We invite those who want to cross others paths to do so in a simple way, without exposing themselves publicly, neither online nor in real life. We create connection between two persons unknown to each other and without preselection, and allow them to meet in a public place, for 15 minutes – or more. We believe that whoever is next to you is a good person and that each of you have something to share with each other. And if it’s not that person now, it’s someone else, not very far, in not too long.

Georges de La Ville-Baugé

OpenBubble is a
digital icebreaker

Experiencing loneliness once, invited me to think about a simple way to bring two people together without the need for a specific reason, an explicit or hidden objective, without judgment, simply to exchange, talk, play, create…

Statistics on loneliness have grown significantly and indicate that this state can affect absolutely everyone, regardless of any social class, age group, skin colour, religion, level of education, etc. But there are also less visible traits to loneliness which could happen anytime of your life: while waiting for a train or a plane, discovering a place or a country, settling in a new city or on a new campus, visiting a trade show or a museum, and many, many other circumstances.

The opportunities to meet new people are almost endless, but most of us are reluctant to approach the other head-on, out of modesty, shyness, for fear of disturbing. OPENBUBBLE wants to remove this obstacle, that sometimes prevents you from meeting others and enjoy great moments.

We create connections between people

We create sparks and make sure that they lead to beautiful moments. That’s all.

During your first connection we ask you a few questions, of course, only those that we really need to allow you to participate.

Once this information has been registered, we ask you to accept our Rules of Conduct, which reminds everyone of the terms each meeting must guarantee respect, trust, openness, curiosity. You tell us when you are available, we locate you at that time, and the app offers you a selection of public places around you. When you have chosen the place, and someone else is available around you, we invite you both to communicate through a chat to help you find each other.

Once gathered, and seated, the conversation can begin, and you can enjoy a 15 minutes talk , or longer if you wish, leaving your phone away. When the meeting is over, we will ask you how it went, and ensure that the rules of conduct were followed.

90% of people are nice 90% of the time,
it's time to realize

Pedro Abrantes

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Real Life conversations makes you feel better 40% of French people believe that it is difficult to get out of loneliness once isolated

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