We create authentic connections

OpenBubble is an engagement solution enabling real-life connexion between individuals, one to one, one conversation at a time, enhancing Diversity and Inclusion.

OpenBubble is a powerful experience encapsulating generosity, care, simplicity and respect aiming towards further inclusion, trust and empathy between people.


Respect and kindness

The meeting places are always public places chosen and validated by the community to ensure everyone’s trust and an optimal progress of the meetings.


Establish a human connection

Met new people to widen your social network of friends or reduce the feeling of loneliness. Link with people from any background, generation and gender. But also escape from the virtual world to experience real life moment.


Without preconception and bias

Feeling free to be who we are and thinking or saying what we want, always with respect and kindness, without having the impression of being judged.


The certainty of meeting open and caring people

We work for inclusion, to promote trust and human generosity.

A profoundly human movement

OpenBubble contributes to
UN Sustainable Development Goals

OpenBubble proudly contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals 3, 5, 10 and 11. That’s great but what does it actually mean, and how are we helping, really?

Each objective addresses a global problem,
with specific goals and indicators to assess progress.

“Enable everyone to live in good health and promote the well-being of all at all ages”

By enabling people who feel lonely to connect with other kind people and have a real conversation, we enable the development of empathy, improved self-esteem, greater creativity, and better overall physical and mental health, leading to a happier life and increased productivity at work.

“Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls”

We are not a dating app and gender selection is only offered to those who feel safer meeting people of a specific gender (female, male, non-binary). A large majority of our users choose to meet the next available person, regardless of gender.

“Reduce inequalities within and between countries”

OpenBubble allows people from completely different social and cultural backgrounds to meet and talk. This can lead to a better understanding of other cultures without denying one’s own, but rather helping people to welcome difference and diversity.

“Making cities and institutions inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”

OpenBubble conversations always take place in a public place, so everyone can feel safe and be there with confidence. People who feel lonely tend to stay home. OpenBubble gives them a reason to wander outside and talk with another kind person.

Extra-ordinary conversations

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