December 5, 2019

Now is always the best time to act

The urgency is here, omnipresent, biting, terrifying. My way of sublimating the urgency was to create OpenBubble, which has several goals.

The first goal, obvious and explicit, is to fight against loneliness, everywhere in the world, in cities and in companies. The numbers are brutal, the needs are major, the effects are known and they are appalling. Fighting against loneliness should be part of the mission of any responsible organization in this still young 21st century. I made it mine.

The second goal is to give everyone the opportunity to participate when they want to, and to contribute. The contribution is independent of the person’s wealth, skin color, or place where she lives. There is no contest and no counter, the one that participates once a month has the same value as the one who participates twice a week. There is no winner or loser, everyone participates as they see fit, and in the end it is the whole of humanity that rejoices. The dignity of the persons must no longer be measured by the brands they exhibit, but by the breadth of the sincere smile they inspire in people around them.

The third goal, which is the direct effect of the second goal multiplied by the mass of kind people, is to trigger a profound transformation of people’s view on themself, and of each one on their neighbor and on the world; to consider the other person a priori as a friend rather than a threat, and the human as a provider rather than a predator.

The last goal, the result of all the previous ones actually, is to bring a look of tenderness to this Earth that carries us and nourishes us, and to undertake together the brave actions that our children expect of us, and that they are ready to undertake with us as soon as they perceive that we are sincere (SB Paris 2019: Youth Hacktivators)

With OpenBubble, I invite those who wish to to simply talk with the people around them. It’s a small gesture, simple, basic, essential. It has tremendous effects on health and well-being. It costs fifteen minutes and a coffee. And maybe, if you smile at the waiter and tell them what you’re doing, there’s a chance the coffee will be on the house.

The time of futile indignation is over, just as it should be that of the media gloriole, that of the deterioration of the body and the mind in the face of hollow fictions, that of the judgment of others and of oneself. It is time for positive and generous action, Now. Great, since Now is always the best time to act.

I invite you to participate in the world and in life, to retrieve your own child’s soul to retrieve your own child’s world, and to go happily. I invite you to trust yourself. Who else will you trust otherwise?

Georges de La Ville-Baugé via medium | picture credit Vonecia Carswell | 5th of december 2019

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